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Read 2182A by triggering through 6221


To find a driver, go to Tools>Instrumentation>Find Instrument Drivers. Search for 2182. You will end up here.


If there are any examples, they would be in the driver. Also note that the driver is not supported by NI. It was written by Keithley.

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All the details about the Model 2182A nanovoltmeter can be found from the following link.


The labview drivers were there in the above mentioned link. I could not locate the same from the above mentioned link. May be you should check in the driver CD shipped with the instrument.


Please find the two files attached. It was downloaded some times back from the website mentioned above.

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hi yash: I accepted your advice. It works well.   But, I cannot save the acquired data in the program. Could you give me more suggestions?



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Please find the attached files. The "" is the main vi which actually sends the current to 6221 and reads the data from 2182A in the delta mode. It also ask you for the data file name at the begining.


The " 6221-2182 Delta" is one of the sub vi of the above mentioned main vi. The "Scatter Plot.llb" has all the vi's using which the graphs in the "" is plotted. This "Scatter Plot.llb" was posted by one of the NI developer forum member. You will get more details in  its writtes weblink in the forum. When you run the main vi it may ask for the links to the sub vi's.



Alterately you can change the "" as per your requirements


Best wishes



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will try it ASAP

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I just conncted the 6221 source, 2182A nanovoltmeter with my pc and started the

i tried every vi that was posted in this forum and im getting

following errors:


KE622x configure delta<ERR> driver status:(HEX 0xBFFF0015) timeout before process could be completed


Secondary Error: (Hex 0xBFFC0004) Parameter 4 out of range, or error occurred while setting Parameter 4.


i am using labview 8.5.

all drivers are installed.

i am communicating with the source via ethernet.

thanks for your help


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Install the software KI6220.exe provided by the Keithley. Its a labview vi to communicate with both 6221 and 2182A. This sofware can't be edited. But it gives all the details about the connections to both the instrument in an interactive way. If all the connections are fine then it will prompt you about the same and will save that setup. Once this is finished then try the "Basic operations", "Advanced operations" and "Front Panel". These are present in the


I have used the GPIB for communication.  So don't have much idea about the error while communicating through ethernet.

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thanks yash.


installed the ki6220.exe. the front panel works fine. the "basic operations" and "advanced operations" dont work. if i am using "basic operations" i am getting following error on my 6221:


Parameter out of range


and if i am using "advanced operation" the program tells me that the 6221 cannot communicate with the 2182A. though my rs-232 cable and trigger link cable is connects both instruments.

the question is now: why does the front panel work fine but the other operations dont? 


the 6221 uses firmware A05, right now i am downloading the latest firmware version.  

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Did you run the "Setup Wizard" in the ? If you did then does it display "Setup verified" ?


Connect a resistor of say 1 ohms as shown in the "Step by step connection guide" of


In the "DC source" tab of "Basic operation" tab pass 1 mA current with voltage compliance of 10V. The "Take control of instrument" should be checked before you "Activate Output".


If you still get the errors look at the meaning of thoes errors in the back of the instrument manual.



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Hi , I am using the 6221 2182 delta   to measure resistance with very small current, say 10nA.


Can anyone tell me how to set the measuring point during the measurement. I mean is it a 2pt delta mode or 3pt delta mode setted in the above vi.


I do not even know what is the default value in the vi.


or should I set the points from the front pannel.





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