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Re: Teleoperate the Starter Kit from 20 floors away

Dear Clad,
Thank you so much for the reply.

I have installed the FPGA module (i think i have) but I've had the same problem as what you saw, which is having the FPGA Read/Write control nodes on the code.
I assume and as you mentioned in the previous reply, this FPGA Read/Write had lead to those broken wires.

I'm trying to fix this problem, by replacing the FPGA Read/Write control nodes with control pallete from the Starter Kit 2.0 Robotics functions.
I managed to get rid of those broken wires but i'm not sure whether the adjustment that i've made is right or wrong.


I've put those vi's under a project, deployed the codes and I think i managed to get those codes run but unfortunately nothing was moving. =.="

Could you please give advice on this? Your help is much appreciated.
Thank you in advance.



p/s: i attached the project, together with the latest codes that i use.

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Hello, I noticed you posted a link with an example of the teleoperation working on the Starter kit. Upon clicking the linked a noticed that couldn't open the link. Would there be any possible way I could get that teleoperation example from you?

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