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Re: String problem

hey ..

can anybuddy help me ??

here's my problem        when i write a string in string box .. it shoulld be there only untill 1 execution, and i can write another string in the box it should also be there until 2nd execution only and so on.. 

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You posted your question into an old message thread that has nothing to do with the question you are asking.  Your message as been moved to its own message thread.


I can't help you because your VI is in LV 2016 which I don't have installed.  If you saved it back using Save for Previous Version by a version or two, then I could look at it.


I don't know what you mean by "only until 1 execution".  If you want something to appear into a string indicator, let's say during 1 iteration of a loop, then not be there during the next iteration, then you need to write an empty string to that string indicator on the following iteration.


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