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Re: Serial port issue

I am running a program with 6 serial ports working in parallel. I have similar issue of read / write  with RW error sometimes. I am attaching the main VI as well. Can you guide me on this.



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You hijacked a 6 years old post, you could have started a new one.


I had a look at your VI. You have huge problems with your code, I really advise to take some tutorials or training, so you can design a proper scalable code for your application.

Your block diagram is just way too huge! Besides, why do you use Timed Loops for serial communication? It does not make any sense...

Here you can find training resources:

Also a good link for beginners:


You will see, if you invest into some learning, it will pay back a lot later!

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I split this to a new thread.


Can you please send a link to the users manual for the device on the other side?


I hate to say but, someone needs to RTFM!   Also, show us some code  ( I'm on a Mobile device- so, a snippet  inline with the post would be nice) and explain why it fails.

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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I did not load all of the subVIs, just the main one (just wanted to see the main vi). Attached is a 2892 x 8682 snippet. Smiley Surprised


The eight ball says if you try to view this on a mobile device, you are stewed. (Sorry couldn't resist adding a line from Wierd Science.)









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Well that's 6 copies of a example vi that could have been launched asynchronously with the correct Timed Loop Name, VISA Session and Node inputs wired to the connector pane.  (remove the stop buttons, name the the loops and stop them remotely):smileywink:

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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