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Re: Labview 5.1 and GPIB

Pinchas Flau wrote in message news:...
> I had the same problem with an old GPIB controlled device.
> The device manufacturer didn't know to solve the problem.
> National Instruments Israel advised us to use an older GPIB board for ISA
> bus instead of a PCI-GPIB board that is suspected to work too much speedly
> for old GPIB controlled device.
> I have not tried the solution because I had another newer device that
> correctly with the PCI-GPIB board.
> It's also preferable to work with GPIB boards of National Instruments that
> are fully compatible with Labview. (We encountered troubles with PCI-GPIB
> boards of ComputerBoards that were able to be fully compatible with
> according to Computer
> Good Luck
> Pinchas
> Ken wrote in message
> news:iosS3.3203$
> > Having a problem with using an old instrument and labview gpib. The
> is
> > the national instruments gpib card but the "instrument" is an old 5600
> > switching main frame. Just a bunch of relays that are addressed via the
> gpib
> > card. the problem is that labview sees it but tells me that it isn't
> 488.2
> > compatable. I can transmit to it, not sure if it sees me though. I
> to
> > put in some wires and find out if the relays are latching or not. the
> labview
> > gpib programs will not acknowledge any transmissions from the mainframe,
> if
> > there are any. if anyone has any ideas, i would appreciate it. I have
> > contacted the vendor of the mainframe but they don't answer my queries.
> >
> > ken
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