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Re: Is it possible to directly read a barcode into Labview?

So. There are a few option:

1) Use current scanner and start rowing against the stream (find a work around).

2) Buy a scanner that does what you want.

3) Find out if the current scanner can be configured what you want.

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I am currently trying to setup a Motorola/Symbol/Zebra 1D barcode scanner to operate with through Labview. The intent is to have the labview software act as a go between to take input from scanning a serial number and output to a test device, triggering the correct test based on the scanned result. 

I would prefer to not use the keyboard based method of data entry (default HID) due to it requiring the computer in question have the cursor focused on the text entry field, which I can not guarantee in my specific setup. So I have the device running as a Serial COM device. 


I got as far as detecting device with NI-MAX using VISA Test Panel, but I am unsure where I should be looking / finding tutorials to enter in those VISA commands to actually read them. I can't seem to find how to have a VI "listen" for the external Serial port signal.  This is one of my first dives into LabView software (using Labview NXG), so I may be missing some guideposts here that seem obvious to a seasoned user, any assistance beyond "google it" is very welcomed! (google lead me here after all). 


Thank you

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You've posted to a thread that's already several years old - you may want to start a new thread.  That said, it's a recurrent request - using a barcode reader, how do I get characters into a LabVIEW application?


I can't help you very directly (as in, send you working code) if you're working in NXG - I'm one of those 20+ year users of "classic" LabVIEW, and it's looking like I'll stay that way - but I can point you to a reply I posted in another thread, coincidentally just today, about how I approach the problem.  It's not even really a problem anymore, just a well-worn technique.  You can review my reply in that context here .


I'm 90+ % sure that NXG has the equivalent structures - VISA support, event handling - to implement what's described in that reply.



David Boyd
Sr. Test Engineer
Abbott Labs
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I would recommend that you use regular LabVIEW. NXG will not be supported by NI any longer. If I am not mistaken, version 5.1 is the last version. LabVIEW will continue to be supported.

Mark Yedinak
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Yes, I am starting to get the impression that I was led astray on which version was right for my use case. LabView NXG was suggested based on going through NI's interface, but most all support I can find is on LabView. 


Thank you all for the assistance. 

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And if you take @Mark_Yedinak's recommendation, I will be able to give you a working code example, so there is that 😊

David Boyd
Sr. Test Engineer
Abbott Labs
(lapsed) Certified LabVIEW Developer
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