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Re: How to solve the Error Message on Keithley's display : 822


Hello everyone,
I have a serious problem with a labview program that I write and which is compiled but it does not work as expected with the error (ERROR: ID CODE = 822)
with the message (Too small for sense range) please help me.

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Hi hii,


it does not work as expected with the error (ERROR: ID CODE = 822)

Probe the command you are sending to your Keithley device and compare this with the explanations in your programming manual.

I guess you will find the cause of this error message quite fast then…


(In other words: do some debugging!)

Best regards,
CLAD expired, using LV2011SP1 + LV2017 (+LV2019 sometimes) on Win7+cRIO
Kudos are welcome Smiley Wink

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This old thread might help -


#822 is a measurement range error.  So you are setting the range either too large or too small.


As GerdW said pull out the manual and review the settings, then look at the strings you are sending.  As in the link above some regional settings will add commas "," to strings which aren't allowed by the instrument.

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