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Re: Hard drive crashes

I appears that something in  NI software is crashing my hard drive. 


I have a pxie chassis.

I have run for years with my PXIe-8106 controller running windows 7 pro.

I have been using Visual Studio and writing C code to run my

pxie 5663E VSA.  I talked my work into buying Labvew so I would not have to write the software in C.

To learn Labview I downloaded Labview Community and installed it on my personal PC.
I purchased a set up PXIe-8360 and 8361 cards so I could run my chassis by my PC.

At first everything was great. I could try different Labview examples and run them from the same PC.

Than Labview started to crash my hard drive.  Still only running example Labview programs.

I kept recovering my hard drive and crashing again and again. 

Thinking my computer might be failing I install Labview on another computer bought a new 8361 card.

Everything ran great including the example RFSG and RFSA no problems. I installed Labview and crash.

The RFmx example program searched for compatible hardware.  At the time the chassis was not powered up.

As the computer was crashing the ethernet port stopped working than the intel hard drive controller. When I rebooted after blue screen the hard drive was corrupted.


NI drivers and Labview can not be this buggy.

Any ideas ?

Two computers two sets of hardware. 

When I finally got NI software off my first computer it stopped crashing.  

While I am typing this I am restoring my second computer.  I do not want to install labview on anything at this point

especially my work computer.

Any Ideas ?

What information do you need to help me ?



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First off, I think you should avoid hijacking 10 years old post, and instead start a new thread, as this is probably totally unrelated issue.

Secondly, I would suggest you to get in contact with NI Support and have them help you with your issue.

Eirikur Runarsson
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You need to provide more information.

  • Are you running only on the PXIe Controller?
  • What Operating System is on the PXIe?
  • You talk about a PC, where you have installed LabVIEW Community Edition.
    • What Operating System is on the PC?
    • What Modules and Toolkits (from Community Edition) are installed on the PC?
    • How (if at all) is the PXIe-8360 involved in the example codes you are trying to run?
  • You say "LabVIEW crashed my hard drive".  Which hard drive, on the PC or in the PXIe controller?
  • How do you know that LabVIEW "crashed" the drive?  Are there Error Messages?
  • You mention that you talked your employer into purchasing LabVIEW so you could use LabVIEW at work.  Do you understand the License Agreement for the Community Edition you installed?  Are you violating this agreement?

Bob Schor

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