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Re: Error code 1 while writing to text file


Hi I actually have a similar problem relating to this issue, that is because i have successfully captured the waveform running on real-time basic in JPEG already, but however, when i want to attached the same file using SMTP Attachment to sent this attachment out via SMTP email, it gives me an error of unknow character such as @, \, but the path direction for the selected files has "\:User\User\desktop\Power.jpg" 


if it is possible to help me solve this? as i have been thing on how to work on it for a couple of days already

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It sounds like you are really dealing with something different than what is mentioned in this 2 year old thread. And it is also already marked as solved.


I'm moving this message to its own new thread.  (Originally posted in


Obviously you have something wrong in your code with the way the path is being built.  If you go and add your VI to this new message thread so we can see what you are doing, then we might actually have a chance to be able to help you.

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