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Re: Error 1073807339 VISA READ TIME OUT

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This is WAY overcomplicated. The example that GerdW gave takes the data from the VISA read and logs it to a file. There's no reason for a queue if you're not sending it to another loop. If sending to another loop then the queue should be created prior to the loops and the queue reference wired to both loops (no local variables).

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Here is my new VI. This time i used state machine pattern. Unfortunately I don't have a device to try this VI therefore I used a boolean. So I was able to see if the queue was working or not but i have no idea about the other side.
Could you please help me?


Best regards.

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Based on what you supplied, I would not use a State Machine.  You can just do the action inside of the Event Structure.  But even then, you are not doing anything with the queues, so why even have them?  If you are after a Producer/Consumer, then you will want something more like this.

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Thank you for your answer. I'm going to try Producer/Consumer in my VI.
Also, thanks again for the example.
Best regards.

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