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Re: Connecting a pressure transducer to NI 9237

connector diagram.png


I have the pressure transducer Edwards. It has a connector like the one in the picture. Do you know the pin distribution of the connector? It has five pins, so I would to know VCC pin, GNDpin etc, for an experiment. Thank you very much.

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You can find cables (with connectors, I presume) on the Web.  Buy one and take it apart ...


Bob schor

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I would contact Edwards LifeSciences for any details they might be willing to provide for their devices. 

As this is a medical device, it's likely they will not have much detail. Or none at all.

We work with Edwards and that connector form factory supports more than one of their devices. Some might be new or very old. So you'd need to be specific. Of course if you are reverse engineering their products, I would not expect any assistance at all.


I cannot provide this information to you due to Non-disclosure agreements.




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Dear Diego Felipe,

I cannot help very much. I was not able to find a connector so I opted for cutting the cable and connect to wires.

For understand proper connections, I discovered my device contains a analogic wheatstone resistor bridge. If you measure the impedence between each pair of wires, the pair with higher impedence is +5V-gnd, the other two wires are outputs.


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