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Rational Fraction Approximation in Labview

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I am trying to do the equivalent of the following matlab function in labview:

[N, D] = rat(X,tol)

I have been using the mathscript but it does not recognize my equation. Is there a better way to do this?



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Accepted by topic author A2saSandel
10-11-2016 09:23 AM

Gonna need to take a ride in the wayback machine all the back to 2004.  I first encountered the need for a similar function when generating a repetitive sine wave.  It helped me determine the right # of cycles to put into a repeating buffer so that the correct sinusoid frequency could be generated despite having only discrete output sample rates available.


The whole thread is here.  The good stuff is found at the end in this post, where I attached 2 LabVIEW-coded methods for calculating a rational approximation.  You'll probably need the context of the rest of the thread to decipher the use of terms and names of parameters though.



-Kevin P

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MathScript should support that syntax. You can check the online help of 'rat' in the following link.


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I did a search for Continued Fraction Approximation, and came across this interesting paper.  It should be fairly simple to program this algorithm in LabVIEW directly (no need for MathScript).


Bob Schor

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