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Ransac Implementation

Hi everybody.

Someone knows how to implement the RANSAC algorithm to obtain a map in 2D or 3D en Labview.

I have the data from a stereo camera, and I'd like to build the space in 2D, or 3D if is possible.

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Would you mind posting the format that your data is in?



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Thanks Patricia for worried about my problem.


Look, I'm obtaning a matrix, the dimension of the matrix is 480x640, in the matrix I have the range of each pixel in the image.


Could you help me with the implementation?

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Hi Anfedres86,


There aren't any LabVIEW VIs or examples that use Ransac.   You will need to build the algorithm yourself in LabVIEW.   I did find a good link that explains the Ransac algorithm.  This might help you in building your implementation.


Best Regards!


Starla T.  

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Hi I don't know about implementation of RANSAC in Labview but you can use this below link to understand about RANSAC

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