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RTD/Flow sensor on same cable going to DAQ

I have a SIKA VVX20 Flow meter/RTD I need to gather data from. Here is the data sheet for reference: page 36 is where the electrical stuff starts. 


I have it hooked up using a M12x1 cable to my DAQ (NI-9219) and was able to successfully get RTD data using the DAQ assistant. The flow meter works with counting pulses from the difference in pressure for water, so it's a digital read out. The digital DAQ I have is different (NI-9402). How can I set this sensor up so I can get RTD and flow data? 


I noticed the sensor outputs voltage and current as well, and when I check those channels and blow through the sensor I don't get any reading. I would prefer to use the counter if possible. Thanks for the help

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I'm essentially trying to make either of these circuits: flow.JPG

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After reading through your issue, I wanted to make sure that I am understanding you correctly. First, you hooked up your NI-9219 to the RTD sensor to get the data from that. Now you are trying to hook up the NI-9402 in a way where you could take data input from both the RTD and the flow.


Are you trying to figure out how to actually wire the Flow meter to the new device, or trying to figure out how you actually need to connect the sensor in order to properly send in the signal? How did you have the device setup when you gathered the RTD data? Just trying to get a better understanding of how we need to address this moving forward.



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Hi Ryan,


Thanks for reaching out about this issue. I've been trying to figure this out and haven't made any progress.


I'm assuming the flow meter is already connected since there is only 1 cable output from the sensor. I hooked up the RTD by using a DAQ assist VI and selecting the RTD input. I searched through the available DAQ inputs (there are a lot) and found it connected to cdaq1mod4/ai0. (2nd picture)


Obviously that is an analog channel, my question is how can I get counter data from the flow signal? When I use the DAQ assist and select counter frequency input, cdaq1mod4 does not show up because it's not a digital input (3rd picture). My confusion is how one sensor cable can output an analog (RTD) and digital (flow) signal and how I can capture it. I attached images of the sensor as well as the DAQ cards that show up. 


Thanks again for your help

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Hello again, 


I think it would be better for me to get some more insight onto exactly how you have the device configured. The device seems to be outputting the data from the RTD, but you are wanting additional data as well using the counter. 


From my understanding, you have one cable coming out from the sensor to the NI 9402. From there you are trying to get both information on the counter, as well as the RTD input data. Is that correct? Then from here, you go into NI-MAX to configure this, and the result is that you are unable to configure counter data as well from the one output of the cable. 


I just want to make sure that I understand your setup exactly as it is now, as I think I am starting to understand bits and pieces of it currently. 


Sorry for the late response by the way. Want to help as best as I can. 

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