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RTD DaqmX Read

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I am attempting to read data from a cDAQ 9217 module. I have successfuly used the test panel in NI Max to read data from the RTD sensor connected to the 9217, but having difficulty in programming it correctly in LabView using DAQmX.


This is the error I am receiving. The settings on the create channel VI are the same as those in the NIMax test panel.


I have been able to to program three other cDAQ modules successfuly, but I am doing something wrong on this one.




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Accepted by topic author CastleWorks

You must have set the excitation to .001 on the NI-MAX test panel, but have failed to set it here.


Turn on Context Help and look at all the connections the Create Channel for RTD has.  You have one to the lower right for Excitation Value that is unwired.  It defaults to .0025.  You need to wire in .001. 

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Thank you sir....that did the trick, missed that input

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