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RT safemode (software error)



I've developed quite a large bit of software. One of the software modules runs on a RT Gateway. I usually let the code run for a few days to test it. Although twice now it it has crashed after about a day and in MAX I see the RT device is in Safe mode (software error). If I view the error log under Labview sessions I have this in both instances...


05/10/11 08:47:24.251 AM
source/MemoryManager.cpp(146) : DWarnInternal: Memory error 2 in DSSetHSzClr

05/10/11 08:47:24.253 AM
source/exec/CleanupProc.cpp(269) : DWarn: can't realloc cleanup tbl


I can only guess that somewhere I have a memory leak or some common memory problem, but I have struggled to find it. I also have not seen this error before. I'm hoping someone has more insight into this particular error.


Thanks in advance

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You're right that this error means that you've ran out of memory.  If you look at the following link it says that Error 2 means Memory Full.


As to how to track down a memory leak, if you run the VI in LabVIEW, you can take a look at the performance profile to see if there truly is a leak.  To do this you can go to Tools >> Profile >> Performance and Memory....  Keep an eye on those numbers and see if they grow over time.  If they do, you may have to take a look at your code in small chunks and see which chunk still has a memory leak. 

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