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RT cRIO-9025 CPU Usage



We are using cRIO-9025 and want to capture the CPU uage of it.  We can use the "RT Get CPU".  However, if we are calling this function @1HZ then we also want to get the maximum CPU usage during this 1 sec time.  


I believe this function only provides the instaneous CPU usage.  Is there any other function we can use to get Max. CPU usage for a period of time?




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On the embedded targets the "RT Get CPU" is the best way to get the cpu usage but it is instantaneous. Using it and calling it too often could change the system enough so that any data you were to get would not be accurate. Normally as long as the CPU load is not maxed out there is no reason to know the CPU usage over a given time. Could you please elaborate as to why you need the information?


It may be possible to use the Real Time Execution Trace Toolkit to profile your application and to see what is using the CPU and when. The maximum CPU load would not be directly available but the information from the toolkit might be more useful then just the maximum CPU. 

Alex D
Systems Engineer
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National Instruments
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Thanks for the reply.  I was just curious about it.  We are writing to a file and wanted to catch the cpu consumption when it actually wrote to the file.

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