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RT stopped running Automatically

I'm new to LabVIEW FPGA, and I'm working on the vibration acquisition and control. Now I've encountered an unexplained error as the title says. RT stopped automatically after about 10 seconds. Highlight the execution process of RT Main, an error code 63195 has occurred. It's worth noting that the Error has not occurred 7 months ago, while the computer and NI-9035 did not open during this 7 months because of the COVID-19. Similarly, the unchanged code has been experimented, which ruslts to the same error. Why did this problem happen and how to solve this error? Thanks for your reading. Any suggestions whould be appreciated.
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Was the error 63195 or -63195?  (The negative sign matters.)


If I do Help >> Explain Error for -63195 it says "The handle for device communication is invalid or has been closed. Restart the application."


I don't know if that means is an error withing your LabVIEW code itself, or if it is an error in the communication between the cRIO and your host PC that is connected to the cRIO.  I'm leaning towards the latter.


I would start troubleshooting by creating a simple project, perhaps something that blinks the User Status LED and deploy that.  See if you get the error.  If you do, then it probably indicates a problem with the hardware.



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Hi, thanks for your answer. The error was -63159 while not occurred directly. The RT just stopped without any hints. When I'm deploying our code, the User Status LED was normal. So how to creat a simple project that can blink the User Status LED?
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You probably saw the Status LED was normal.


There is also a User Status and an FPGA Status.    User Status might be called User1.


In the RealTime RTU Utilities palette, there is a VI called RT that allows you to control the on off status of the user LED on the cRIO.

For the FPGAStatus LED, I believe you can get to that one as a node within FPGA code, but I don't have a project to refer to at the moment where I used that LED.



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