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RT Host to Host computer communication

Hi all,

I am using a PXI 76853 boaed and I am trying to establish a communication between the RT host and the host computer .Now I had identified using shared variable as a mode of communication. Shared variable ( network published , array of U64 with RT FIFO enabled  ) .Now I have a few questions relating to this procedure :

I am sampling from Analog I/O in FPGA at the rate of around 200 KHz .This information is being transfered to the RT host through FIFOs .From the FIFOs I want to transfer these values to host computer such that i can analyse the values and generate reports graphically .

I also saw something about lossless communication with network streams .I am not sure if this is really required though .


Some how I feel that the communication through Shared variables is less messy and less complicated ,but I am not sure if it is the best method that is to be used for my requirement especially considering the sampling rate .



Any help or light to give me some clarity in approach especially with regards to my requirement will be highly appreciated .

Thanks all in advance 





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A small correction the board is 7853R and not 76853 :S 

Also I developed a small POC to test the shared variable mode of communication .In the properties of the shared variable (like I had mentioned before ) I had created a network published ,array of U64 with RT FIFO enabled .Also I had created this shared variable in the target .Now one observation was that even after i read from the shared variable the values remained in the shared variable .If I had enabled RT FIFO then shouldnt it work like a queue i.e once we read should the value be out of the queue or am I totally going on a tangent here :S 

thanks in advance 



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