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RS485 Communication - Parity Error

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Did you try RavensFan's 2 ideas?


"First, make sure you have parity error replacement DISABLED.


If you do not care about that 9th bit, then just read 8 bytes (do not use bytes at port), and ignore the parity error that you are guaranteed to get.  Somewhere there is a function called Clear Specific Error.   You could also use the general error handler.  Or unbundle the error code and feed it to a case structure that sends no error if it is a parity error, and passes through all other errors and warnings."


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I have double checked the disabled function.


Right now i'm using case structure to bypass my error so that I can write something on the default case.

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So everything is working just fine now.  Your question has been solved.

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At this point I hope this is the best solution as you suggested. I'll go head and accept the solution and close it. Later when I find something new I'll addup to the post.


Thank you all!!

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