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RLC circuit in Labview

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I want to simulate a RLC circuit in Labview.

Would you please tell me what toolkit do I need and how can I simulate it in Labview?


Best regards

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You shouldn't need any extra toolkits to simulate an RLC circuit - the solution is a fairly simple damped sinusoid.  Look in the Mathematics palette for all the functions you need.

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But in Mathematics there are not a R or C element.

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Sounds like a homework assignment to me...


No, there is no R and C element in the Mathematics palette. That's because LabVIEW is a programming language, not a circuit simulator.


In fact, I'm guessing you're in the same class as this fellow:


Step 1: Write out your mathematical model

Step 2: Implement the mathematical model in code


Make an effort first. If you have specific questions, then post them. We won't do your homework for you.

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It is not a Homework.

I worked with Matlab.

I think Labview have a toolkit for RLC simulatro similar to Matlab.


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@Naser1363 wrote:

I think Labview have a toolkit for RLC simulatro similar to Matlab.

Then look here:

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