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RE_Dlink Ethernet switch port to port test

Dear all,


On one of our project having a requirement of testing the all ethernet port healthiness of an Dlink DSS16 ethernet switch without connecting any external device. loopback test to be done. Is there any possible way to done the testing LabVIEW. I'm using LabVIEW 2020 version. If anybody done means please suggest the way. hoping for the solution. Thanks in advance, with kind regards


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An ethernet switch by itself is not going to generate data on its port to test port-port connectivity, you need some means to inject data into the switch into one port and check if you received the same data at the other loopback port. To test all combinations, you either need a fixed loopback or a set of relays to switch among ports. In addition, you would want to test all supported data rates.


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