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R&S Scope vi can read waveform but not waveform amplitude

I can output a square wave waveform using a R&S scope vi to a waveform chart but can't output the amplitude value to an indicator. The amplitude vi times out. Is there a setup problem?

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Both your functions have the following error saved in their default values Error Output:<ERR>Attribute name "Horizontal Record Length" (RSSCOPE_ATTR_HORZ_RECORD_LENGTH)
Instrument reports an error in the error queue ('SYST:ERR?' SCPI query):
-200,"Execution error;ACQ:POIN 5000"

Debug info:
OS: Windows 10 Enterprise  en
LabVIEW: 2019 32-bit Evaluation
Driver: rsscope ver. 4.15.0 (core ver. 6.34.0)
Instrument *IDN? string: "Rohde&Schwarz,RTE,1326.2000k84/300154,
<b>ExpressVI call chain:</b>
    Express VI "Set Horizontal Record Length"
    rsscope Configure Record

Is this what you see? You made it sound like the "" was successful and the "" was not, but they both show the error from what I can tell.


I also note the error claims a problem with (edited to use a code block to avoid 😛 )

 -200,"Execution error;ACQ:POIN 5000"

, is 5000 an acceptable value for this command? The saved input you attached appears to be 1000 but perhaps you're using 5000 instead when you run the VIs?

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