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Quick drop with "obtain" bugs out?

I encountered unexpected behavior with quick drop. I wanted the obtain queue function and quickly typed "obtain". When "obtai" had been entered, as expected obtain queue was the first result, but I was typing fast and put in the last letter and got completely different results (see images). Only seems to be with the text "obtain". Anyone else confirm this behavior? LV 2020 x32


Quick Drop 1.pngQuick Drop 2.png

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LabVIEW has a "hidden" list of equivalent words so if you use one, it looks up the other for "convenience".  In this case, "obtain" is equivalent to "find" and "get" so you get results for those too.


Workaround is just not to type the last "n", as this is something they did on purpose.

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Oh thanks. It seems to be based on this option 


Quickdrop 3.png


But it seems typing obtain out fully no longer searches for obtain. Is that really the intended behavior?

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It does seem to change the order of things in the list, but not the actual items in the list.  For instance, this is with the option on:


And this is with it off:


When it's off it seems to do things in pure alphabetical order... if you look at the first letter of the second word, they're all in order.  I've censored a product name reference for privacy but it did start with "A".


When it's on it seems to show non-VI palette objects by NI first, then the rest in some sort of arbitrary order.


My screenshots are in 2018 so yours may behave differently.  


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Yep, on mine obtain is nowhere to be found.


Quickdrop 4.pngQuickdrop 5.pngQuickdrop 6.png

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Click "Configure" then uncheck the option for "Relevancy based search". Basically, once it recognizes a given word, it chains it with other similar words. Hence, when you type "obtai" then the only thing it knows to go for is "Obtain (xyz)". Once you type in the full word "Obtain" it says "Oh, I know that word- it's similar to "Get" or "Find", so I will show you those as well".


IMHO it'd be nice if it could list exact matches first, THEN the similar stuff. I too have had this issue crop up a few times and it's a pain in the butt.


Edit: Dang lol, guess a few of you got in there before I could 🙂

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