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Questions for using 3D picture control

Hi all

Recently I am trying to evaluate the 3D picture control for an upcoming project. By using the LV 3D Picture control,a picture can be displayed in a 3D mode. And the Z axis of this 3D model is constructed by a 2D array of high data.

Now my questions are:

1、  How can I plot a plane in a 3D model? It seems that 3D picture control only hasVIsfor building conical surface, cylinder and box.

2、  How to set the transparency of a box? There is a parameter “Alpha” for setting transparency. But when I set this Alpha from 0 to 1, no change happens.

3、  How to display the axes of the 3D model?


Hope your suggestion, thanks!

LabVIEW 8.6 and 3D Picture Control01.JPG


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