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Quadratic Programming Warm Start




I would like to know how to provide the initial guess for both Lagrange multipliers and the solution. It says there warm start will use the previous one, however, I need the previous one in a shifted version since I am doing Model Predictive Control (MPC) and I am recalculating based on the fact that I have already implemented the decision u(k) so at the next sample I will be calculating u(k+1), thus both the Lagrange multipliers as well as the solution must be shifted and the final u(k+Nu) its duplicated like in the Real-Time Iteration (RTI) Scheme, otherwise is nonsense.


If anyone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate.




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Hello MPControl


Have you checked the examples included in LabVIEW? Try searching for Quadratic in the example finder (located in Help > Find Examples) and selecting some of the example VIs to see if any one of theese fit your needs.



Fernando Becerra | Field Applications Engineer | National Instruments | CLA | CTD
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I searched for quadratic and the only examples I got were for LQG and LQR and non of them were using the Quadratic I also searched for MPC in the examples and so far couldn't find any of them using that particular VI and in my case, non of the MPC programs help since I am doing NMPC for which you have no examples. 


I also searched for examples in the Quadratic help window but there are non.


Is there any documentation specifying the name or nature of the methods that you are using for this Quadratic Program vi? Or is there a way to include qpOASES library which is in C++ to use it?




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