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QSM (Producer/Consumer) Template

Hello everyone. Before I start with my project (instrument control and data acquisition) I made a template using the JKI State machine template and converted to queued based state machine with producer/consumer loop. Basically, I wanted to separate the processing i.e.. data acquisition etc. from any front panel activity i.e. button press etc. Since I've worked with JKI template quite a lot, I'm used to the idea of string based queues and the layout of the template itself, so I just modified it to better suit my needs.

I checked the JKI Producer/Consumer design at:, but it wasn't quite what I wanted since if my hardware (i.e. motor) reaches a certain limit (safety issue) I have to terminate the process (easily accomplished with the above example), however, if user decides to intervene (HARD STOP), then the process wouldn't terminate on the second loop. 


Anyway, above is just an idea of what I'm in to and attached is a template I decided to do with QSM Producer Consumer style.

I would appreciate any comments/improvements that you might be able to do in this template.






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Any Takers?



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Thanks anyway.


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