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QAM with NI-USRP-2950R

Dear All 

I want to make a QAM modulation in labview using NI-USRP2950R but I couldent connect the two RFs together to send the same transmitter waveform in the same time. If you have examples could you downloaded please. Thanks a lot.

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Hi dalsaffar81,


When you mention that you cannot connect both of the RFs, are you talking about the two carrier waves, whose signals will be amplitude modulated as per a standard QAM?


If so, please could you clarify further your current method for performing QAM within LabVIEW and the troubles you are facing?


In the meantime, the LabVIEW example finder yields some useful results for QAM transmitters and receivers. This can be found by simply searching for QAM in the example finder.


Kind regards,


Hashim Shamsi

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Dear Hashim
Thank you very much for your replay..what I mean I want to transmite same modulated QAM signal to both RFs in the same time, single device multiple channels and receive it also in the same one in RX2 .i.e Full duplex with two channels.
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Hi dalsaffar81,


To clarify: You have a QAM signal. You will be sending this signal to two different places (the RFs). Please could you detail what you mean by the RFs?


As I understand, this QAM signal will be going to two different channels as well. Their are several QAM examples within the LabVIEW example finder for QAM transmitters and tranceivers as well as more specific examples.


These can be found by going to LabVIEW and navigating to Help -> Find Examples, and searching for QAM. Did any of these help?

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