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Q: LV version for old Macs (SE)?

I plan to reactivate an old Apple macintosh SE (68000, 4MB Ram, System
7.01) for serial i/o applications.
My question is: Is/was there a LabView Version which will run on this
Mac? If this is the case, where could I obtain this version?
I searched dejanews and several other engines but found nothing on that
I have heard once that LV was originally developed on Apple
platforms(?). Is this true?

Thanks a lot for any comments or help.
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LabVIEW was originally developed on the Macintosh, and first released in 1986 (about the time of the Mac SE, my first Mac. LabVIEW first appeared on Windows once the features needed by LabVIEW were supported (about 1993 with Windows 3.1 or thereabout). The first versions of LabVIEW (1.X, 2.X, 3.X) probably all run fine on the SE, and possibly even version 4.X.
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