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Hello everybody

I hope someone can help me with my problem.

I'm trying to check the communication between imx and z-wave for the bump test. SSH is used for the communication.

With the SSH connection, which I have already worked up, except for the command "hexdump -C / dev / ttymxc1" because teststand is running in a RuntimError.

Since it works with Putty, I wanted to do it with Putty.

Login works but then I can not send commands.


How can I send the commands after login and read the answers?


Many thanks

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System exec is a command line - allows to run a program, wait till it is done and get the reply. Or if you do not wait till it is done, you do not get answer. 

Can you open command line and execute the string you are sending in LabVIEW? Not putty terminal, windows command line.

If you want programs to communicate, they need some program interface, user terminal will not work.

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Thanks for your answer, that helped me.
I see that wath I want this not works. I will try with program interface. Do you know a program interface whitch can that?Many thanks for you help

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Labvolution has a LabSSH library you can try using.  I ended up doing something similar, except I just used the Rensi SSH .NET assembly directly without an in-between .NET assembly.

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