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Pulse ON/OFF - digital outputs

I have this application where I need to turn ON a digital output for like 50ms or 100ms and turn it OFF. I call it Pulse COntrol 🙂


Here is an attachment jpg that shows how I am achieving it.


Another question if I may regarding loop timing. I have a while loop which iterates at 100ms. I choose a certain part of the program and make it a Subvi to clean the program to look more readable. Will the program still run at 100ms per iteration? For example, I have an equation that calculates a valuve from a analog input. To make the program clearer, I put the calculation into a subvi and send info and receive info through subvi panes. Will this affect the loop timing? I hope my question is clearer.


My program does a lot more than just calculate a value, hence wondering. THANKS!



I may not be perfect, but I'm all I got!
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Yes, using subVIs keep the timing the same. The used subVIs in your system are called during compiling the diagram in the same manner as if their blocks physically existing.

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hey VeeJay, 

did you want suggestions for how to do your Pule Control a different way, or were you satisfied with the way you have it implemented in the code you sent a pdf of? thanks!



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Mine works fine! I would like to see easier implementation or is there?

I may not be perfect, but I'm all I got!
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haha if you are satisfied with the way yours works, let's not mess with a good thing 🙂 I was just going to point you toward some LabVIEW examples, but yours works just fine!




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Haha sure. I don't give myself enough credit most of the time. I assume what I have done is mediocre and there is always an opportunity to do it better.

I may not be perfect, but I'm all I got!
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I want to know how can we on/off a digital output signal

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Did you look at the picture in the first message?


Also, look at examples in Help >> Find Examples....   related to digital output.

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I tried it but I could not able to achieve it. 

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Then start a new thread (this one is 10 years old).


Post whatever VI you have attempted and explain where you are stuck.

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