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Pulse Counter

I have an NI 9172 Chassis, and I am using an NI 9402 timer/counter card. I have a power meter that outputs a pulse to indicate the amount of watt-hours used. I have the daq assistant in Labview set to count rising edges. When I run the program, the readout count just stays at 0. Is there some setting that I may have to change, or is there something I need to check? The power meter works, as I was using with a different program a few weeks ago and haven't changed anything since. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you need any more information, just let me know.



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I have a few questions about you're application to clarify if it is setup correctly.


The 9402 is TTL 5V logic. Is the output of the power meter's pulse train 5V logic?


The 9402 can only access the counters of the cDAQ-9172 chassis if it is installed in slot 5 or 6. Is the module in one of these slots? Take a look at the documentation in the DAQmx help here: Start Menu » All Programs » National Instruments » NI-DAQ » NI-DAQmx Help » DAQ Devices » NI 9402.


Also, how do you have the power meter connected to the 9402? Which BNC connector?






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