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Publishing vi application on webservices

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I am btech student ,I have created one MCQ paper application on LabVIEW .And now I want to publish this on any webpage (like on Google, internet explorer).Is it possible to publish it on webpage and made it accessible to other people who didn't have LabVIEW platform in their laptop.or can I make shareble link of my application so other people can access it and also run it

.If yes, please help me ,for how to do this?

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  You can run applicaiton(.exe) file on a computer without labview as long as that computer has LabVIEW Run-Time engine installed on it. 

You can install it through this link : Labview

To create an application (.exe) file, first you need to include whatever component you want to run inside the .exe file. You can follow either of these steps to create you .exe file. 


  • Open the project window.
  • Right click on the my computer.
  • Add -> folder (Snapshot).
  • Go to C -> Program files-> National instruments-> labVIEW 2011-> vi.lib-> Utility->open LVClass -> press current folder  
  • Repeat the same procedure for NIReport.lib.



create these files follow the instruction shown below.

  • Right click on the builds specification.
  • Click on the New then Application (EXE).
  • Before creating installer ensure the following that in the destination directory we need to mention two paths namely for .exe file & for support directory.
  • Support directory having the path of database file.
  • In all the VIs the path of database is same as installer file.
  • So here both path should be same as shown below
  • Enter the required input & create the .exe file

You can then upload the .exe file on to the website you wish to share.


Hope this helps

Fiona, NI

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Thanks for the help.

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