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Provide a probing output for our board

Hello everyone,


In Comsis, we have FPGA based Wi-Fi devevelopment platforms that are our own design, namely MimoKit and MimoKit-II. Until now we used in-house methods to probe signals in these platforms but recently we received an inquiry for a probing output that is compatible with a 3rd party software such as LabVIEW. Never having used LabVIEW (or any other data acquisition software) we do not know where to start and I would be grateful if someone can point us the direction.


In a nutshell, what we are planning to do is, to stream 8 multiplexed channels, each of 32 bit data, via ethernet. We don't know how LabVIEW demultiplexes this data and interprets it? How should we proceed? (Here is a platform description


Thank you for all the help in advance

Best regards


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Hello OnurOguz,


I don't think I really understand what your question is.


You have an FPGA board on which you do some calculations, and you pass those data to your host PC via WIFI or Ethernet ?

You want to get those data in LabVIEW on your host PC ?

With which program do you develop your FPGA code ?



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Hello again, 


I'll try to rephrase my question. We have an FPGA board which we use for developping WiFi solutions. Our work includes the analysis of raw (or processed) observations of WiFi signals as well. At the moment, when we want to analyze a signal, we simply store its values for a period of time and then we analyze the stored data (off-line).


In addition to that, we would like to provide a real-time observation/analysis ability in LabVIEW on a host PC. The communication between the board and the host PC will be handled over ethernet port. But we don't know how to proceed to make LabVIEW "understand" our real-time data. Our questions are: 

What are the components needed for a device (eg: our board)  to communicate with LabVIEW? What is the streaming data format? how many real time channels can be supported? How to feed multiple channels to LabVIEW? 


We use Quartus to develop the FPGA code.


Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards




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Hello OnurOguz,


I'm guessing you send data to your PC through a TCP/IP communication ? There are TCP/IP functions in LabVIEW, so you can retrieve your data this way.

The best option for you right now would be to meet a Field Sales Engineer of National Instruments, so he can answer your question.



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