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Property Node (Arg :1). Invalid property: Property is not valid for this class.

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Thanks Bob,


So far I think I've made a little improvement. When I made the post, I was getting two types of errors inside the, one of them was ERR7 and the other one was ERR4.


What I did is that at the beginning of the code, I replaced a node called "Current VI path" with a node called "application directory", and that actually cleared the ERR7 I was getting, now I'm just getting the ERR4. (This fix is indeed related to how LabVIEW and executable access paths).


Another thing I noticed when debugging my executable, is that the various Property Nodes where de ERR4 shows up, if you place the mouse on top of them with the Help window active, it will say the following: "The property is not valid for this class".


Let's remember this problem is not present when running the code from the LabVIEW environment, but I'm running the executable, opening it's block diagram and debugging it.


I'm attaching pictures of how I managed to clear the ERR7 and the persistence of the ERR4, and of the Property node note.


Thanks in advance,





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Do you know the 1963 song "It's My Party"?  Here is a tongue-in-cheek parody -- "It's your Code and you can Cry if you want to ..."  Just looking at your JPGs (I have to go to another machine to view my copy of your code), there's a string of code with an orange box around it (upper, seem to be File properties, though I don't recognize and can't yet get Help to understand the first Function), with the first Function generating the Error 4 and the subsequent Property Nodes "correctly" doing nothing except passing the Error along.  It's all in that first whatever-it-is function.  I'll post this, then try to figure out what that first thing really means ...


Bob Schor

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Ah, now it becomes clear, and probably explains all of your problems (and suggests a fix).  The "mysterious function" is a .NET Constructor Node, which gets bound to the File Constructor of (on my system) Google.Apis.Drive.v3(  When VIPM installed GoogleDrive for LabVIEW, it probably added this .NET component and linked it to the Addon Library.


You definitely need the Addon Library.  It is possible that in building the Executable, it got "included" with everything else.  However, it may or may not have been properly bound.


I forget (and am remoting on to another machine, so it is awkward for me to go back and look at your earlier posts) if this problem exists when you run the Executable on your Development machine (where the code runs fine in LabVIEW Development mode), or only on a non-LabVIEW "execution" machine.  I'm thinking it is the latter.  But in any case, that seems to be the root cause of the problem, a missing GoogleDrive File Object .NET reference.


Bob Schor

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Thanks Bob,


This problem with the executable actually happens in my developing computer as well!




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Accepted by topic author MTY93

I just solved the problem.


Turns out the Gdrive Addon comes with some dependencies that are stored and can be found in the following route:


Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (x86) > National Instruments > LabVIEW 2017 > vi.lib > National Instruments > GDrive for LabVIEW


What you have to do, is copy all the .dll files under the dependencies folder and go and paste them on the folder where the executable was created, that solves the problem.



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