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Property Indices for "Get Property" method

If you use the "Get Property" method, you may find the attached data useful.

I don't know if the list is complete, but I think it contains almost all of the indices.

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It took me some time to figure out what you were referring to since there's a Get Property VI. Also, you are actually referring to the Get Property Info method, which is part of scripting, so please be more specific in what you are referring to.


Seems like a very useful resource, which obviously took some time to compile. Thanks for sharing! Smiley Wink

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I've added more items to the list.

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Oops.  My code that filled in the "Y"s in the spreadsheet was buggy.

Here's a new version with the "Y"s correctly filled in.

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Thank you pcardinale for the spreadsheet!


Thank you Savario for making it clear what value it is.



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I've updated the list, adding 30 items.

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Increment / Decrement Visible appears to not exist for Simple numeric from the classic menu even though they are of the type "Digital"

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This might be more useful than the table.

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