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Proper Technique to Update a Library in a Project

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Hi all,


I am currently making changes to a library that i am using in a project that i am also making changes to.  When i update the library is there an easy way to update it in the project? It seems that the library in the project doesnt update as the library does, even when i completely close down labview and reopen project.  It continues to use the old library.


Any hints?

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If I understand you correctly... you should modify the contents of a library (eg. the VIs themselves or what VIs are owned by the library) or library properties (eg. icon ) while it is inside the project that is using the library. If you are modifying the library seperately then you need to only have either that or the project that uses it open; not both open at the same time.  Only one instance of that library can be in memory at any one time.


Perhaps you could show us some examples to better describe what you are trying to do?

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So I briefly checked this, but it appears you gave me the answer i needed.  I would open the project, then open my library, not from within the project.  So im assuming there was some issues with that because the library was already a dependency in the project.  I now opened my library from within the project and that seems to fix the issue i was having.  Smiley Frustrated


Thank you



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