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Projectile Motion/Mathscript

I am trying to make a program in which the physics of a projectile can be reflected on an xy graph, but my graph is not truly reflecting the outcome of the equation. Attached you will find my vi.


the equation is R = V^2/(2*g) [ sin(2*theta) + sqrt( sin^2(2*theta) + 8*g*h*cos^2(theta)/v^2)]

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What specifically does it mean that it is not reflecting the outcome?


What is this application for?

Dane S.
Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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This is a LabVIEW Forum.  Stop thinking about MatLab, eschew Mathscript.  


You have an equation with variables R (undefined), V (also undefined), g (assumed to be the acceleration due to gravity at the Earth's surface), theta (undefined), and h (undefined).  I:n usual math/physics notation, R and theta are polar coordinates.  You talk about an X-Y Graph, but there are no X nor Y.  You are talking about a projectile, so I'm assuming that time is involved -- is "time" in your equation?  What is the difference between V (undefined) and v (also undefined)?



You need to formulate your problem more carefully.  You probably want to let "t" (time) run from 0 to some final time (how will you calculate the final time?).  You probably want the total time to be divided into N equal (time) intervals.  How many times does that require?  [Hint -- the answer is not N].  What LabVIEW Structure is ideal for generating the (however many different times you need)?  [Hint -- it is not the Framed Sequence].


Bob Schor

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Here's what I ended up with.


Hope it helps


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@Hecnev wrote:

Here's what I ended up with.


Hope it helps


As Bob_Schor said, this is a LabVIEW forum. Here is how the equation would look using native LabVIEW functions.


Since I'm probably doing someone's homework for them, I am only posting a picture of the Block Diagram. So you will have to do a little work on your own to create the VI. 



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