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Project works only in simulation mode

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Hi all. I have a weird problem with my FPGA system. I am a complete starter in this field, so please take it into account. So my problem is - I have developed a project with cRIO-9074. I have 6 C modules, all of them run on FPGA. I have developed a code both for FPGA side and Host PC side. The weird thing is, that when I run my Host VI code in simulation mode everything is fine. I can control DO, I get data from FPGA VI (of course, they are random, bu still). When I choose "FPGA Target" mode in "Select execution mode" menu, and enter my FPGA VI I can read data, and control eerything, so everything is smooth and fine. BUT, when I open my Host VI code, and I run it I have no data comming from cRIO. I also don't think it comunicates with cRIO, cause when I FPGA VI while Host is running, I can see that FPGA is not running. And I can not force it to start. Can you suggest me a possible solution? Thank you in advance.


I have added the screen shot of my Host and FPGA VI. I know they are a  bit messy, but I just want my system to work cause the deadline is really close.

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I see something odd on the FIFO read on the host side.


You check the number of elements in the FIFO and Q&R divide by 2.  But then use the remainder to determine how many to read which will either be 1 or 0.


I believe you want to use the quotient so that you always read in multiples of two.

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You are resetting your FPGA with every iteration of your host loop.  Get rid of that Reset method.

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Thanks a lot, now everything works fine.

At the same time I have some small problem with reading a frequency of the grid with NI 9242 module. I have seen an example provided by NI of how to use the NI 9242 module. And in that example the block "Build waveform" is used and a "dt" value there is (1/frame rate), which obvious and understandble. However, if I use the frame rate of 50 kS/s I got the wrong value of frequency of the grid (which is 50 Hz for sure). I receive 50 Hz with "dt" of 31244. Any clues for that?

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