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Programmining the SCXI-1313 with LabVIEW

How do I enable or disable the SCXI-1313 attenuator using LabVIEW?
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In the SCXI-1313, each channel has a 100:1 high-voltage attenuator. To enable or disable the attenuator, either change the default configuration settings for the SCXI-1313 in Measurement & Automation Explorer or adjust the input limit ranges in your LabView application (AI Config VI). If you want to use the default configuration (the one in MAX), just leave the input limits controls with default values.

When using virtual channels, the input limits configured in the virtual channel configurator are used to set the attenuation circuitry appropriately.

Good luck with your application!
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Adjusting the input limit ranges in my LabView application (AI Config VI) is not causing the attenuators in the SCXI-1313 adapter block to be enabled and disabled, however setting the properties in the Measurment and Automation Explorer does enable and disable the attenuators, why am I not able to do it using LabView (input limits, AI Config VI)?

My configuration is as follows:
SCXI-1313 (Rev: 2.0) is connected to a SCXI-1125 (REV: 1.0) which is in a SCXI-1001 (REV 1.0) which is connected to the DAQCard-AI-16XE-50 in my DELL Laptop with windows 2000 5.00.2195 Service Pack 1, and LabVIEW 6.0 and MAX version
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