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Programming the XY stage

Hello all, I am trying to program the XY stage for the desired logic (as attached) in LabVIEW whose existing block diagram and front panel is attached along with.

Currently, we can enter the number of steps in X or Y or both and stage moves the number of steps entered. My objective is to program it such that we can input number of steps in X  and number of steps in Y (both directions) in the beginning of program and it performs the steps in following sequence; (1) Number of steps in negative Y direction (2) Number of steps in positive X direction (3) Number of steps in positive Y direction (4)Number of steps in positive X direction. I also want that these 4 steps are repeated for a specific number of times which should also be an input at the start of program. 

Please suggest me the required changes that I should make to the existing block diagram.

Hope to hear from you all regarding this to acheve this objective.


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Please do not attach simple screenshots, people cannot see your code via these useless pictures. Attach VIs or even better, LabVIEW snippets!

I strongly recommend you to learn how to program a proper State Machine, this task is just asking for it. Search for the term "Queued State Machine".

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Thank you for the suggestion and I will take care of the attachments next time. I will check the Queued State Machine as recommended by you.

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Hello community, I did not use the Queued State Machine but was able to achieve my objective by an alternate way i.e. by using a stepper wait function and for loop. 

Please find attached.

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