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Programming optical power meter 1931 c on labview.

Hallo all who read this thread,

I am trying to program newport optical power meter 1936-c in Labview but could not communicate with the instrument over USB connection.

I have installed the drivers necessary for the operation of the optical power meter from newport website:​s/x936-C_x1928-C_1918-C_R_%20Software_Suite/

I am running windows XP service pack3, 32 bit version.I believe I have installed the correct version of the driver for communication with the device over USB connection.The application software provided by the newport runs correctly, and I am sending and receiving the commands,but when I try to connect to the power meter using Labview sample programs provided by newport, I am not able to send or receive anything,instead the program seems to run an infinite loop and i get no reply until I have to restart the program.I am using Labview service pack 9 and I have tried all the sample programs 7.x ,8.x and 2009 version provided by newport ,but unfortunately no progress(:


I am trying to send a power command PM:power?(no smiley) to the power meter to get the power.But it doesnot give anything.

For this puspose I have found somewhere on the forum this file: NP_GeneralDrivers_LV8.llb (file attached).I have used sample query program with this file but still the device is not responding .I dont know how to proceed now, as I have only basic knowledge of Labview programming.


I have attached some screenshots of the program I am currently using:


I would highly appreciate if someone could help me.


kind regards,


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Hi Shami,


It looks like there are several custom made VIs in Newport's shipping example. I would recommend contacting the manufacturer regarding this issue. Otherwise, I have included a few example and tutorial links below on VISA USB communication with LabVIEW. Hopefully, this is a good lead on you.


6 Things you need to know about USB Instrument Control


USB Instrument Control Tutorial


USB RAW Instrument Control Example




Josh L.



Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi Josh,

thanks for sharing the links.I will follow the tutorials soon.Hope I could find a solution to my problem.


Kind Regards,


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