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Programming a Solenoid

Okay so I'm really out of trying to possibly understand on my own now. I'm attempting to merely code a solenoid to run a pneumatic piston on my team's robot for the First Robotics Competition. I'm building off of last year's code and so I didn't do really any of the programming in the REAL file, except the solenoid programming at the bottom, I've looked at many other forums and guides and team explanations and I just can't seem to get the darn thing to work. I'd love to be taught what I did wrong, but will very happily settle with someone fixing my broken programming and sending it back so I can poke around and figure out what happened if need be. Would just love a working piston.



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The first problem I see is that you don't have a while loop to keep this program running.  It will run once then stop.


(Please don't tell me you are using the Run Continuously button.)

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I presume that First Robotics provides not only "hardware" (parts for Robots, including hardware that is compatible with LabVIEW), but also "software" (LabVIEW or something similar).  I'll bet they also provide Tutorials, or Examples, or maybe even "classes" (meaning gatherings of people to learn together, possibly with a "teacher" or "mentor" for guidance).  [The reason for the explanation is LabVIEW also includes Classes, in the Computer Science/Object-Oriented meaning].


Spend a little time (say, a few hours) learning and studying, and you will make progress much faster than having us do your coding for you.  You'll also be able to "fix" your Robot when it "gets stuck" ...


Bob Schor

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