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Programmatically changing xy graph multiplot names

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Programmatically changing xy graph plot names


I have a data acquisition program with two graphs, both are xy graphs. The program tests individual items serially. One is a single plot for the item under test, and for that one I used a Property Node (Plot.Name) to update the plot name to correspond to what is being captured. I also have an accumulated data graph that I transfer the current run data to and it updates to display the data from the prior tests in the series. Each series consists of six sequential runs so the test is not infinite, meaning I need to programmatically change six Plot.Name’s.

How do I change the plot names  on the multi-run graph to correspond to user input serial numbers? The SN’s get updated prior to the start of each test series. I am capturing a JPG of the multi run graph after each series completes and I need the SN’s for each trace to be displayed on the multi-run graph. I can do this with the single run graph but I can not figure out how to do this for the multi-run graph.




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You do it the same way except you have to first write to the active plot property.
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It must have something to do with how I am building the multi-run graph. I am taking the xy data collected from the completion of the test and using a Build Array to build an array of xy data to create the multi-run xy graph. I'm not sure I have an "active plot" for the multi-run and I don't see how the plot name from the single run graph gets associated with the xy data when I built the multi-run graph.

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If you're not sure you have an active plot property, then you didn't create one. A property node can have multiple properties. Click on the one you have and add the active plot before.
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Oh! I see it. It is going to take me a bit to test it out. Thank-You.


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Sweet! I understand how that works now. Problem solved.

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