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Programmatically changing the ROI of a touchscreen.



I have a program with modal screens. Usually whenever there is a modal screen running you are unable to control/interact with anything else. Now.. I control my program using a touch screen and when i click anywhere outside the modal screen while its running it allows the window in the background to go on top, causing my program to frezze.


That brings me to my question, can i programmatically change the ROI of my touchscreen so that it only covers the area of the modal screen? if so, how?







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is there a fix for that?

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Let me know if I'm misunderstanding the question, but I'm assuming that you have a front panel then modal/dialog windows are appearing. You could resize the front panel to take up the entire screen then any touches outside of the modal window but in the area of the front panel will be ignored. Those settings can be changed by going to File>>VI Properties>>Window Run-Time Position>> Set position to maximized.



Danny F

Danny Funk -- Group Manager -- LabVIEW R&D -- National Instruments
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