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Programmatically add a parent interface to a class

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I am trying to programmatically add a parent interface to a LabVIEW class in LabView 2021.  The LabVIEW help leads to be believe that I should be able to do this using the Add Parent Interface method (one of the LVClassLibrary Methods) using an invoke node.  I get a reference to the class and pass that to an invoke node, but the Add Parent Interface method doesn't show up on the invoke node.  What am I doing wrong?  Is this the wrong way to get the class reference?  See the attached image.

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Your image can't be downloaded at the moment...


Does the Invoke Node say LVClassLibrary when you wire in the reference? If so, I think you should have the right type of reference.


Do you have VI Scripting enabled? You can't see that method unless scripting is enabled.


(Note that many such methods, including this one, are not available in the run-time engine. Don't attempt to use them in an executable.)

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Thank you very much.  I didn't have VI scripting enabled.  It was enabled previously, but then I upgraded to LabVIEW 2021 and didn't enable it in the new installation.

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