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Programmatically Installing Fonts in Windows 10

I'm trying to programmatically install a custom font. The code to do this is almost there - see attachment.

I followed the instructions in this article.

There have been other discussions on this here and here; I don't believe it's been clearly solved; it's not as simple as placing the font file in the Windows Font folder; the article explains it well.

Unfortunately, I get an undefined error when I run the code. I am hoping someone here will take a look and realize something I'm overlooking to do.

Thanks in advance !

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Not sure why that doesn't work, but ActiveX is not really the way to go unless it can't be avoided.


I'd try this (command line):


Or .net, as in the attached VI (apparently, System.IO.File.Copy does install the font).


Both untested. Use at you're own risk.
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