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Programmatic execution of Save All command (ctrl-shift-s)

I have a set of Projects, each configured with code for an RT target. I have written a VI server application to open each project, and open the front panel of the main VI for the RT target.


Once that front panel is up, I can go to the menu bar, select File, and then select Save All. However, I need to do this programmatically. With VI server, I only see Save->Instrument, which only saves the main VI, not all the subVIs. How do I do the equivalent of Save All?


I have tried getting the list of all opened VIs and saving them individually, and also tried the Mass Compile, but both of these take many hours to complete, whereas the manual Save All just takes a few seconds. I have also tried accessing the Windows utility USER32.DLL:keybd_event to press the ctrl-shift-s keys programmatically, but that doesn't seem to work either.


Thank you in advance for your assistance.



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I believe the thread you linked will only save the vi's, if you have libraries or controls or other things you want to save then you might try this.



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