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Producing data to a loop with an event structure

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I'm relatively new to Labview programming (as will be seen in my program below). I found a vi online that collects data from a 9237 bridge analog USB card. That is the top portion of the vi is what collects the data. The original place the output in a graph, but I have changed it to a numeric indicator.


The lower portion I'm trying to have the operator use the start, stop, reset buttons to interact with the system. I used an event structure to do this. Every this works well, except for the event that the value of the load cell data (from above loop). I want it to act on the new value continuously, but it only acts one time. All other features work fine. Can someone explain how I would best accomplish this?


Any help would be apprciated.



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Why are you using a queue to pass the data from one loop to the other?  The reason it only works one time is that the lower loop will wait until an event has occurred.


I would eliminate the queue.  Wire the Total into a property node for Total Value (signalling).  That will trigger the event case for the Total: Value Change event to fire.


Don't read from property nodes in the upper loop when you have the indicators and wires right there to read from.

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Additionally, this below is a no-go:




CEO: What exactly is stopping us from doing this?
Expert: Geometry
Marketing Manager: Just ignore it.
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Actually the producer/consumer with the queue was a recommendation by one of the ni techs when I called for tech support. I originally had a property node but I was using Value, not Value (signaling). You suggestion did the trick.

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