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Producer consumer structure with event loop

@Yamaeda wrote:

It looks like this is what you're looking for/missing:

I avoid CaC\CaF like the plague. Too complex for me... But then again, I have polymorphism in my toolbox...

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Hello have you opened the VI HMI example ..? I design a paint mixer and my project is divided into two phases:
- the first is to decompose an image for with the composition of a pixel of this color according to the Red, Green and Blue by the vi Traitement d'image
- The second is to recover these values for according to a set volume to find the proportions of Red, green and blue necessary to obtain the color by the vi Commande et supervision.
So I want to have a structure that can communicate the two VIs by a main VI (Synthétiseur) following the action of BP.
I have another method that is to read the values processed by the first vi in the second and do the treatment.

This is my end of study project that's why I'm a little under pressure.
Thanks for your help

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